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Survival Skills, Wilderness Living, Nature Connection

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your survival skills or find an engaging after school program we’ve got a class for you.




Provide a safe, fun, and educational space for children and adults to connect to nature and each other.


Inspire generations of naturalists and land stewards to care for Minnesota's Lands and Waters. 

Core Values

Awareness: "knowledge or perception of a situation or fact." Simply- paying attention. Having awareness of our surroundings gives us more information that we can use to make informed decisions.  This is the foundation for everything we do at Wildwood from fire-making to harvesting medicinal plants.

Gratitude: "the quality of being thankful" Everyday at Wildwood starts with gratitude. Giving thanks to the people, plants, animals and other forces that make our lives possible broadens our awareness and highlights our . 

Play: "engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose" A cougar kitten does not learn to hunt deer by hunting deer. The kitten learns to hunt deer, by hunting other cougars. The survival skill becomes a game. Games like these create opportunities to be creative, to fail, to try again, and learn. Play at Wildwood looks like- stealth games, art with nature, knife and tool use, shelter building, solving nature mysteries etc. 

Reverence: "deep respect for someone or something.” Consider the first tulip you see in the spring. While this bulb has flowered year after year and you have seen it many times before, it still holds the promise of spring and new life to come. When we know a being’s whole story, their song, we will find respect, empathy, and reverence for them.

Located in Minneapolis, Wildwood North offers classes in Wilderness Living, Survival, and Nature Awareness. 

In our courses, we are committed to offering the time tested methods of old, through the lens of the 21st century. This approach allows us to have a deeper understanding of both the nature of the forest and science in nature. Knowing how to rock boil water is a valuable, having other options (filter, stainless steel pot) could save your life.

Classes are conducted in and around the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota. Check the class details page for specific class location.

Program Director and Instructor


Sam Royce

Survival skills
Wilderness living
Nature connection

After a childhood of outdoor play and exploration in the forests, rivers, and lakes of Minnesota Sam attended, Alderleaf Wilderness College (Monroe, WA) where he studied Wildlife Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Nature Education, youth mentor-ship, Permaculture, and Ethnobotany. After graduating Sam stayed on at Alderleaf to complete the Instructor Apprenticeship, and had the pleasure of being an Instructor at Alderleaf. He also instructed at Trackers Earths (Portland, OR), Quiet Heart Wilderness School (Edmonds WA) , and Wilderness Awareness School (Duvall, WA). In addition to sharing his passion for the natural world and bushcraft, Sam also enjoys foraging and eating wild foods, spending time with family, birding, crafting, and watching the weather radar.


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Wildwood North offers discounted classes for students in need. Discounts are available by instructor discretion.

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